Your vehicle has been made with extreme precision and engineering this includes your steering and suspension system. At Team Autoplex Complete Auto in Southwest Houston, we have all the necessary technology and experience to repair any and all damaged components on your steering or suspension. Components that allow your European/Exotic/Sport vehicle to maneuver the way it does have parts that with time suffer and need to be replaced, for instance: ball joint, tie rod, struts, control arms, and many more. These parts have bushings that with time wear down and need replacement.

Team Autoplex Auto Repair can find any noise or discomfort you may be feeling while driving or when you hit a bump on the road.

When repairing suspension or steering components a proper four wheel alignment is required which is why we have implemented the best equipment in the market today, in order to offer a perfect alignment leaving your vehicle feeling like new. Customizing your vehicles ride height is a delicate procedure we have all the equipment to conduct this work properly. Call today 713-789-0000 to inquire about any symptom or concern you may have and one of our trained personnel will be more than happy to assist you.