Leaking Oil?  

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Service
What are the symptoms related to a bad valve cover gasket?
Oil leaking from valve cover gaskets can result in a burning smell coming from under the hood. Valve cover gaskets need to be replaced when they begin to leak oil. Oil leaks can damage other engine components, especially belts and hoses.

Oil Filter Housing Gasket Replacement Service
What is the Oil Filter Housing Gasket all about?
Oil is vital for a running engine; it must have the right viscosity and be changed on a regular basis. As the oil passes through your engine, it picks up debris and particles. If left unchecked, the debris will cause serious damage to your engine. The solution is an oil filter – it does exactly what the name implies: it filters the oil and removes particulates before they have a chance to damage engine components.

Depending on the make and model you drive, you may have an internal or an external oil filter. External filters are the most common in the US, and are primarily used on American cars and Asian imports. However, many European imports use internal filters. External filters are mounted under the engine, located near the front of the bottom. Most internal filters are installed into a sealed housing at the top of the engine.

Both external and internal filters attach to the housing, which mounts to the engine and requires a gasket to keep engine oil from leaking out around it. Over time, this gasket will become brittle and crack, allowing oil to leak out.

Keep in mind:
Oil filter housing gasket leaks can and should be caught during basic maintenance.
It may require some diagnosis to determine if the leak comes from the filter housing gasket, or from another area of the engine.
All gaskets will eventually break down and wear out, so replacement is a possibility for all vehicles.

How it's done:
The vehicle is lifted and supported on jack stands oil and filter are removed
The defective oil filter housing gasket is removed
The new oil filter housing gasket is installed
The vehicle is removed from jack stands
The vehicle is started and checked for oil leaks and filter operation

Our recommendation:
Ensuring that oil leaks are repaired is critical for your engine to operate smoothly. Work with one of our expert mechanics to monitor oil leaks and provide sound advice and guidance on when they should be addressed.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Oil Filter Housing Gasket?
Oil dripping from the oil filter on an external, bottom mounted filter
Oil leaking around the intake manifold on a top mounted, internal oil filter

How important is this service?
Given the importance of the oil filter to the operation and health of your engine, replacing a failed oil filter housing gasket is vital. Even a minor leak can pose a serious threat quickly.

If scheduled maintenance is not performed on time, major engine damage may occur, obviously.  If it does happen, Team Autoplex is ready to tackle all needed mechanic services related to exotic and premium luxury vehicles. 

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