Coolant System Failures/Leaks

At Team Autoplex Complete Auto Repair in Southwest Houston, our specialized technicians are ready to take care of any mechanical problem or coolant leak your cooling system may have. We repair radiators, water pumps, reservoirs, thermostats, hoses, etc. and using the proper fluids for your European vehicle meeting all manufacturer specifications.

Changing your antifreeze is just like changing your oil. The coolant ages and needs to be changed to prevent corrosion and sulfur which leads to the breakdown of your system components. This helps prolong the life of your heating and cooling system and prevent costly repairs. Here at Team Autoplex, we have all the proper equipment to conduct a coolant flush, as well as, conduct pressure tests which allows us to locate any leak your vehicle might have throughout the pressurized coolant system.

Common symptoms of cooling problems:
Car temperature gauge rises above normal.
Smoke coming from engine.
A/C stops sending cold air.
Green or red liquid on the floor by front of car.
Cooling fan does not stop running.
Cooling fan does not turn on.
Vehicle enters safe mode and turns off.

Team Autoplex's Tip: At 80k-100k miles, we suggest you to have the majority of the coolant system replaced at the same time. This includes the following parts...
Expansion Tank
Transmission TStat (if applicable)
Electric Water Pump
Any damaged hoses
Specified Coolant

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