Electrical/Electronic Problems

Electrical systems are becoming increasingly complex. At Team Autoplex Complete Auto Repair, our technicians have extensive experience on European and Domestic Vehicles to find the root of the problem. Electrical system repair or replacement includes:

Battery- checking cleanliness, connections, programming and charge
Alternator- proper charging, connections, and belt tension
Starter- checking cleanliness and connections
Cables & Connections – removing rust and corrosion, tight connection
Coil over Plug Testing- with our high-end diagnostic equipment we can determine exactly which coil is faulty.

In addition to providing service on your battery, alternator, and starter, Team Autoplex complete auto repair and maintenance center Southwest Houston, TX is fully capable of diagnosing and servicing all other electrical components in your vehicle; including power windows, door locks, headlights, wipers, dashboard components and more.

Let the Team Autoplex Complete Auto's technicians look at your vehicle if it exhibits any of the following symptoms:

Problems starting
Charging problems
Flickering or dimming lights
Electrical System indicator light
Check Engine Light on
Window will not go up or down
Door locks do not engage
Door does not open
Damaged window regulator or motor

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